Hand-blown and hand-painted
Hand-blown and hand-painted
Hand-blown and hand-painted
High quality
High quality
High quality
Glass jewelry
Glass jewelry
Glass jewelry
from the Inge-Glas® Manufacture
from the Inge-Glas® Manufacture
from the Inge-Glas® Manufacture
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Order Christmas balls online

Handmade Christmas balls – Christmas tree decorations and much more from the

In our online shop, you will find the entire collection of our handmade Christmas baubles, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern design. We stand behind it: Inge’s Christmas Decor GmbH from the Bavarian town Neustadt bei Coburg. With experience and great care, all our Christmas baubles and Christmas tree balls are hand-blown and hand-painted. Only the best materials are used for the Christmas baubles: from crystal clear glass to genuine sterling Silver and a wide variety of colors. This is how we create Christmas baubles of the highest quality and lasting value – for an unforgettable Christmas.

Handmade Christmas baubles – Enchanting glass ornaments with the Star Crown®

As a traditional Christmas bauble manufacturer, we guarantee our customers, that all of our Christmas baubles are handmade. For this purpose, we put the Star Crown® on each of our Christmas balls. So, when you hold a Christmas bauble or another ornament from our company in your hand, the little star at the top guarantees you that this Christmas bauble is one from our manufactory, that means the Christmas bauble is made of real glass, has been hand-blown, hand-painted, has undergone a quality inspection and was then packed by hand.

Christmas tree balls: the classic Christmas tree decoration

Christmas time is known to be the most beautiful time of the year. And so it makes sense to pay special attention to the decoration and the choice of jewelry: it should be high quality, glittering, iridescent and spread a cozy atmosphere. The Christmas Balls from the INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR have all these qualities. This makes it easy to transform your own home and especially your own Christmas tree into a true Christmas miracle. Our manufactory collection holds everything you need for decorating: Christmas baubles, Christmas balls, cones, Santas, animals and so much more. The glass Christmas tree decorations are a real eye-catcher, because the high quality of materials and manufacturing is quickly noticed by every observer.

High quality in this case also means durable: all Christmas Balls that you can find in this online shop will keep their shine for many, many years. Only on a hard surface you should not drop the Christmas baubles. The delicate glass would break in this case. By the way, we pack all our Christmas baubles by hand, gently and padded, so that nothing happens to the precious jewelry. You can reuse the packaging boxes every year, so that your Christmas tree Balls are well protected and stowed away over the warm seasons.

Christmas baubles from the exclusive online shop of Inge’s Christmas Decor

As a private person, you can now finally purchase the exclusive Christmas tree balls of INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR conveniently by ordering in this online shop. So start the festive Christmas season with visiting our digital store: Browse through the categories, compare shapes and colors of Christmas baubles and decide for single Christmas tree balls or whole sets. If you look around our online shop, you will come across the following categories:

  • Christmas baubles white: White is the color of angels and so white Christmas tree balls have a special charm. A Christmas tree that combines green fir needles with white ornaments also looks very classy and suits any room.
  • Christmas baubles red: Red Christmas tree balls are traditional ornaments during the festive season. The combination of green fir needles and red baubles exudes warmth and comfort. Whether Christmas baubles, Christmas cones, hearts or other shapes, plain, glittery or matte – our red ornaments provide encounters that go to the heart.
  • Christmas pickle: This original custom enchants, because the first person to discover the Christmas pickle in the branches of the Christmas tree receives an additional gift as a reward.
  • Christmas tree decorations figures: In addition to Christmas baubles, you can decorate the Christmas tree with various figures, for example, handmade ornaments in the form of animals, objects, gnomes, treats, etc. Make your Christmas tree an individual eye-catcher with our Christmas tree decorations figures!
  • Christmas tree decorations birds: Our feathered ornaments are handmade and hard to beat in beauty. The grace of these bird ornaments expresses in the wonderful painting and fiberglass tails.

In addition to the various ornament categories, we are of course always happy to give tips and suggestions about what is “in fashion” in the current year. This can be certain decorations, colors or decors, theme worlds etc. On the menu page Christmas decorations you will find all the topics. Moreover, we want to bring you closer to our manufacturing work, because traditional glassblowing craft is our core competence. Under the menu item, glass Christmas tree balls you will learn everything about our company, our glass manufactory and the manufacturing process of our Christmas baubles.

Buy and order Christmas baubles and Christmas tree balls directly from the manufacturer

In our online shop, you can buy exclusive Christmas baubles and Christmas tree balls directly from the factory/ ex works! This means for you: the articles you receive are of excellent quality and you can always rely on our manufactory promise. Christmas time and especially Christmas is a time of reflection, family and love. Therefore, it is logical not to want to do without high-quality Christmas baubles. Just the sight of a tree carrying high quality, beautifully painted and decorated Christmas tree balls makes your heart soar and your eyes light up.

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