Christmas tree decoration birds

Buy and order high quality Christmas tree decoration birds directly from the manufacturer

As intermediaries between heaven and earth, these feathered friends enchant with their graceful beauty: You can order our exclusive Christmas tree decoration birds directly here in the online shop and thus receive unique pieces of the highest quality from our glassblowing manufactory in Neustadt bei Coburg, Bavaria. Whether lifelike or in brightly-colored fun interpretations – the enchanting glass birds will add a touch of charm and poetry to your decoration.

Christmas tree decoration birds in many shapes and colors

In addition to the traditional Christmas baubles – for example, in white or red – special accents are often set when decorating. Our Christmas tree decoration birds are perfect for this as they are real eye-catchers and look very noble. As they are available in a wide variety of colors, they can be suited into your overall decoration. You can get uni-colored and multi-colored glass birds – from the white swan to the woodpecker to the red cardinal. Therefore, you can pay attention to the color match with the rest of your decorations and choose your favorite bird. However, the size of the Christmas tree decoration birds also plays a role – for a small Christmas tree, of course, smaller birds are more suitable than the large specimens, whose glass bodies are about 11 cm in length.

Our Christmas tree decoration birds: handmade and lovingly painted

Our company stands for traditional and high-quality glassblowing and handcraft. We are especially proud of our hand-blown and hand-painted birds, as it takes a lot of skill to manufacture them. According to ancient tradition, we produce Christmas tree decoration birds with tails made of fiberglass. The fine glass filaments are spun from solid glass, which is dyed beforehand for the colored tails. A wonderful shine is created when sun rays or candlelight refract in the delicate threads.

Each glass bird has a high-quality clip attached, which in turn is used to pin the bird to the Christmas tree or to a single branch or other decoration. In this way, it is very easy to decorate the Christmas tree decoration birds. You can reuse the packaging in which your glass bird is nestled again and again in order to store it safely.

Christmas tree decoration birds as extravagant gifts

Giving brings joy. However, it is best when the selected gift goes down well. Our handmade glass birds are a particularly unique gift idea and are always admired with much appreciation. The great thing is: the timeless Christmas tree decoration birds embellish the individual home not only at Christmas time, but all year around. The bird is a symbol of happiness and joy and brings us closer to the preciousness of the moment. With it, people have always associated freedom and elegance – this may gladly reflect the decoration of your own four walls. Due to its attached clip, the Christmas tree decoration bird can be attached anywhere. You are welcome to complement your gift with other glass objects from our manufacture – for example, creative figures or the Christmas pickle. In this way, you give traditional craftsmanship and creative decorations.