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Figures & shapes – Christmas decorations completely individual

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Christmas Traditions & Shapes

Around Christmas angels, Santas and Wishes for Christmas meet in their full diversity. The collection Nostalgia is a patinated homage to times gone by, made in glassblower molds that are over 100 years old. But there is no lack of color either – the collection Brilliant Reflections combines dazzling colors in an assortment of  reflective baubles. The cute figures of Innocent Hearts and Snow Kinder show the joys of the winter season.

Animal Kingdom

The enchanting animal ornaments from different themes are very special eye-catchers for your home decoration or a nice gift idea for animal lovers. In the collection House and Farm you will find farm and domestic animals such as dogs, cats and sheep. So your pets will also find a place with your decoration and on the Christmas tree. The animals around the world are for all fans of exotic animals like polar bears, pandas & Co. With the figures from In the Woods you go into nature and meet the animals of the forest and what surrounds them.

Delicious Forever

What would you like? Just looking at our glass delicacies makes your mouth water. Add Mediterranean flair to your decorations with ornaments from Bella Italia or Bon Appétit, while you’ll find every imaginable variety of fruit and vegetables in the Fresh from the Market collection. For the perfect start to the day, our gems from Good Morning Sunshine are just the thing for your table decorations, and exquisite sweets such as macarons, petit fours and pieces of cake await you at the Coffee Table. A feeling for the asian culture comes up with the sushi ornaments from the Sushi Bar, and when the most wonderful time of the year begins again, you will find all kinds of treats in the Christmas Feast and Christmas Bakery – because Christmas simply tastes very special.

Theme Worlds

Discover the stories of different worlds, from traditional to fancyful to elegant. Our figural glass ornaments offer not only delights for friends of fairy tales and legends. The Bavarian Festivities collection presents itself close to nature and hearty – for fashion queens, Ladies Night is feminine and chic, and classics for true gentlemen can be found in the Gentlemen’s Club. Friends of handicrafts will find their favourite pieces at Lucky Stitches, while Miracle of the Sea will take you into the fascinating underwater world. Good Luck has a large portion of happiness in store for you and with World of Hobbies you will discover your passion as glass jewellery. Which world will you dive into first?


Special events need special gifts. With our high-quality glass ornaments you give everlasting memories for wedding or birth.

Wishes & Sayings

It doesn’t take many words to show your love and gratitude with a small gift or to give a special person a treat. Our lovingly handmade ornaments of the collection Heartfelt Wishes are an individual gift for your loved ones all year around.
In Timeless Classics you can expect humorous and loving sayings around Christmas. Here, not only funny but also touching gift ideas are waiting for you to put a smile on the face of a loved one during the Christmas season.


Nature awakens from hibernation and begins to sprout and bloom. The first crocuses and daffodils open their blossoms and birds cheerfully chirp their songs. The awakening of spring also awakens our spirits and it’s time to welcome spring with the suitable decoration. In our collection Springtime you will find both, spring and Easter decorations in the form of flowers, birds, Easter eggs, chicks, bunnies and many more. The handmade glass ornaments are either brightly colored, or softly colorized for those who prefer it more subtle. No matter what you choose, bring spring home!