Craftsmanship and history of the Inge-Glas® Manufaktur

Our craftsmanship

Product development

This is where the journey of every ornament begins. Already at the beginning of the year, the trends for the Christmas season after next are developed and colours and decors are determined.

Mould Making

In the mould making department, the moulds for the glassblowing workshop are created from an initial sketch. Not only are the historical moulds maintained and preserved for use, but new, contemporary ornaments are also modelled. The Müller-Blech family’s collection of glassblowing moulds is unique with around 15,000 exhibits.


In the glassblowing workshop, all ornaments are mouth-blown according to old craftsmanship. Balls, lace and much more are formed freely in front of the flame by experienced glassblowers. For all figurative ornaments, the evenly heated glass is blown into special moulds with a great deal of dexterity.


The unmistakable brilliance of our glass jewellery is created by hand-mirroring with genuine sterling silver. Afterwards, the ornaments receive their basic colour through dipping.


Up to 60 work steps are necessary to give an ornament its finished appearance. The smallest details, such as eyes, pupils and eyebrows are painted carefully and with a very steady hand by our qualified painters. The individual ornament is worked on by the same painter from the first to the last painting process, making it unique and giving it its unique personal character.


Accessories such as a broom or angel wings are now glued to the ornament. Some of our birds are very special, receiving their traditional tails from finely spun glass fibres, others are decorated with real feathers. Finally, after quality control, we put our trademark, the Star Crown®, on each product.

Our history


Our ancestor Christoph Müller founded the mother-glassworks in Lauscha. Today, as a glassblowing family, we are the 15th generation to be committed to the craft.


The lack of materials in the GDR causes many glassblowers to flee from Thuringia to the FRG. Heinz Müller-Blech also left Lauscha and settled in Neustadt near Coburg in 1951, just a few metres over the border, where he founded a glassblowing workshop for Christmas tree decorations.



The Star Crown® is introduced as a protected trademark. It is a guarantee that every ornament decorated with it is a unique specimen from the INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR made according to centuries-old tradition.

It guarantees:

  • Handmade in Germany
  • Lived tradition
  • Passion
  • Sustainability
  • Family


Together with our 125 employees, we preserve the tradition of the glassblowing craft and distribute the Christmas tree decorations from our manufactory to over 40 countries.