Christmas Decoration 2022

Tipps and Trends for the most beautiful Christmas Decoration 2022

In this special time, it is all the more important to feel good in your own home. Cohesion, warmth of heart, reflection on oneself and on nature – these things are the focus for many of us now and are also reflected in the Christmas Decoration 2022. In addition to the classic Christmas colors of silver, white, red and gold, however, it is not only nature that is making an appearance in color and form. What is important above all is what you like. Traditional or modern? Playful or graphic? Strong tones or pastel nuances? Discover our trend themes for your Christmas Tree or browse through our Classics.

Christmas Decoration 2022: For the perfect Christmas Tree

For your Christmas Decoration 2022, we have created, in addition to our Classics, seven color worlds for you. In each of our trend themes, colors and patterns have been carefully matched. The Christmas Tree Balls are complemented with figurines and shapes, from the classic Santa Claus, to fantasy shapes and playing children, to animals of the forest. Which ornament will dress your tree?

Exotic Splendor

In joyful excitement of an evening together with friends, we sit down at the table, which is set simply and yet nobly. The marble tabletop emphasizes the effect of the magnificent decoration. The black and brown play of colors creates an elegant depth, at the same time the radiant gold looks extremly stylish. Let the evening begin…

Folksy Forest Life

The warm rays of the morning sun, chirping birds and leaves in a thousand colors – we enjoy the harmonious play of nature, that entices all our senses. While outside we only catch a glimpse of the folksy forest life, with this theme we bring the forest to life in our home. Warm natural colors spread an idyllic, comforting naturalness.

Jolly Christmas

Children’s laugther rings brightly through the Christmas-decorated living room. They sit around the large dining table, on which numerous handicarft items are spread out in a colorful jumble. The mother watches them, nostalgic about her own childhood at the sight. Here, tradition is interpreted in a modern way.

Romantic Winter

The cold wind blows around our nose as the sun slowly sets on the horizon, bathing the sky in delicated shades of pink and blue. The color combination creates a romantic and dreamy mood. We immerse us in a feminine winter world.

Shining Northlight

Quielty lies the Scandinavian wooden house in the middle of a frosty snowy landscape, the sun has already set. The house ist brightly lit and while the icy north wind whistles outside, we have stoked the fireplace in the living room and sit on the couch, safe and secure, snuggled up in thick knitted blankets. Slowly, our gaze wanders outside, and the first northern lights are already appearing on the horizon. Petrol and silver tones with glittering accents and filigree motifs pick up in this mood accomplished by radiant reflectors.


Colourful Snow Flurry

Thousands of  snowflakes dance happily through the air. The sun’s rays break into bright colours and conjure up imaginative patterns in the glittering crystals of ice. Isn’t this a magical day?

Christmas Decoration 2022: It does not always have to be the classic Christmas Ball

When you think of a decorated Christmas Tree, you usually have the classic Glass Balls in mind. However, with Figures and Shapes, you can customize your Christmas Tree. Here in our online store you can expect a unique selection that makes the heart of all Christmas Decoration fans beat faster. Get inspired and put together your very own Christmas Decoration 2021.

White Christmas Decoration brightens up the dark season. You prefer to decorate your tree with bright white and shiny silver? Then our classic Silver & White Elegance is the one for you. It is decorated with numerous patterns and shapes, such as icicles, hearts, ornaments and candles. Are you looking for something extra special, our Snow Kinder are a lovely addition to your Christmas Balls.


Featherweight Christmas Tree Ornaments in all colors. Christmas Tree Birds made of glass were already in the past of great importance for glassblowers, so in no handicraft room could not be missing the bird cage. It has become a tradition to decorate the Christmas Tree with birds as well. Whether simple, playful or natural depends entirely on you. In the INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR we decorate our birds either with real feathers, from a certified Bavarian company, or with the traditional handmade fiberglass tails.


What has touched you in particular this year? Do you decorate your Christmas Tree with memories? Magical mementos don’t always have to be big, as long as they’re special. Whether it’s a school induction, a house move, or simply a new hobby, our Whishes for Christmas will turn your experiences into glass ornaments. Of course, the growth of the family and the wedding couple may not be missing. Or a new pet?


Christmas Decoration 2022: Ideas for table, wall and more

Decorating your own home does not have to be limited to the Christmas Tree. It is much nicer when the whole room shines in festive splendor. High-quality decorative items such as our handmade Christmas Tree Balls, shapes and birds can be used in many ways. Whether as table decorations in a bowl, as wall decorations on a door wreath, or on an ornament stand on a shelf: with the products from our INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR, you can give your Christmas Decoration 2022 a special glow. There are no limits to your imagination!

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