Christmas baubles white: for a stylish Christmas

Christmas Baubles and Christmas Tree Balls in white for a stylishly and classic Christmas

Where the reduction to elegant white becomes a stylistic device, forms and patterns may show diversity: Our Christmas baubles white are timeless in shades, whereas patterns and decors are in line with current trends. Thus, a stylish celebration is guaranteed and your Christmas tree beautifully decorated.

White Christmas Baubles are reminiscent of the beauty of the cold season

“Snow falls softly at night, Stars o’er the lake shine so bright” – we associate the annual Christmas season with frosty weather, which makes us all too happy to stay in the warm and decorated interior of our houses and apartments. The Christmas baubles white from our manufactory take up this theme and conjure a touch of coldness and shimmering frost on your own Christmas tree. As traditional Christmas tree balls, as finial to pin, as a bell, angel, heart or in the shape of an olive: white Christmas baubles look very noble and elegant. All white Christmas tree balls, which are hand-blown in our manufactory in Neustadt bei Coburg, Bavaria, are available in our online shop. They come in different shades such as white matt or porcelain white pearl. For those who like it a little more exclusive, the Christmas baubles in white ice lacquer are the perfect choice, because these look as if they are covered with a shiny layer of ice. Thus, they put the Christmas tree in wintry scene.

Christmas Baubles white with finest patterns and decorations

White Christmas tree balls are the decent alternative to colorful or even garish Christmas decorations. However, this does not necessarily mean that white Christmas baubles are boring: Through special patterns and decors, based on the latest trends of the year, white Christmas baubles quickly become an eye-catcher. Floral patterns, stars or classic lines give the ornaments that certain something. In our online shop, you will find a wide selection of different Christmas baubles in white in different sizes and shapes. If you still want to add some color, our Christmas tree balls in the color white can also be combined very well with colored Christmas baubles. A top seller among the colored ornaments are our red Christmas baubles. No matter with which other color the white Christmas tree balls will hang on the tree: They bring exactly that wintry flair that we all love in the Advent and Christmas season.

White Christmas Tree Balls – handblown and handpainted

Just as precious and bright as an ice crystal are the high-quality white Christmas baubles from our manufactory. Each ball is hand-blown in the traditional way and lovingly hand-painted. At the top of each ball sits our Star Crown® – the seal of quality of the INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR. All our white Christmas tree balls can be ordered as single balls or as a set and are available in different sizes. In order to reach you undamaged, all ornaments are packed safely by hand. By the way, you can use the packaging for our white Christmas baubles every year anew to safely store the precious ornaments. When handled properly, our Christmas baubles white are sure to give you many, many years of enjoyment, because unlike plastic baubles, glass baubles do not deform or discolor. The purchase of white Christmas baubles from our traditional glass blowing manufactory in Neustadt bei Coburg, Bavaria, is therefore worthwhile for you in any case.

Christmas Baubles White: Universally usable Decoration

Our Christmas tree balls in white do not only bring elegance to your Christmas tree during the Christmas season. Also as decoration on the table, on the wall or on the window sill, the wintry ornaments made of glass are a fitting complement to the Advent season. For example, you can put the high-quality Christmas baubles in white together with a string of lights in a glass jar and place it on your dining table or a window sill. Alternatively, you can attach them to a wreath and hang it on the wall. Combinations of white Christmas tree balls and figural Christmas tree decorations or glass birds give your Christmas decoration that certain something. It is even possible to integrate special customs: Our Christmas pickle is perfect for this.

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