Annual Ornament

& Limited Editions

Annual Ornament & Limited Editions

Every year, two very special Christmas ornaments are produced in the INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR: the annual ornament and the limited edition. Both are created with special time and care and the development extends over many weeks. In numerous runs, decisions are made about shape, color, and decoration, and several samples are worked out until the final ornaments are the result.

Each annual ornament is produced for only one year and is marked with the respective number of the year of production. The manufacturing of the limitation is limited to a certain number. Each individual ornament is numbered by hand according to the limitation. Both Christmas tree ornaments are particularly suitable for collecting, so that the personal collection of tree ornaments is supplemented each year by a very special glass ornament.

Sweet Christmas

Ornament of the year 2023 is our sweet gingerbread man with icing and his heart in the right place. At the sight of him, we reminisce about our childhood, how we baked the first gingerbread together with grandma. We can hear the old Christmas carols and smell the delicious scent of gingerbread spices. With a smile, we remember how grandma benevolently warns us not to eat too much of the dough. With his friendly face, the gingerbread man gives us back a piece of childlike cheerfulness and lightheartedness and makes us think about the few things in life that are needed to be happy – health, love, sincerity – and thus sweetens our Christmas.

Winter Joy
Limited Edition 2022

Winter is upon us. Sometimes cold and grey, then radiant and glittering again, it brings us to rest and clarity before we start a new year with great resolutions. Nature sleeps, lovingly covered by frosty ice crystals, and gathers new strength. The snow trickles softly, but the children’s laughter is loud and heart-warming, accompanying the flying snowballs. Soon it gets dark and we warm ourselves at home by the crackling fireplace.